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Make Your Own Summer Project Bingo Card

It’s almost May, which means summer in my world! Not weather-wise (summer won’t really hit SW Michigan until June), but work-wise once finals are over it is officially summer. If you’re anything like me you probably have a whole list of plans and projects for the summer. Yet come September most of that list is left undone. 

As much as I LOVE checking things off a list, I’m finding basic lists less motivating lately. Partially because I keep adding to the list, so it feels like I could work my butt off and it would never be done. And partially because I’ve been slacking at actually adding things from those lists to my calendar or weekly priorities. With that in mind, I do want to actually get through a lot of the projects I’ve been thinking about - some for literal years - but not taking action on. 

Last night as I was writing my morning pages (yes, my “morning” pages are usually night pages), I stumbled on the idea of making a bingo card as a more fun way to organize my summer project list. I mean, who doesn’t love Bingo? So after a quick Canva session, I’m ready to unveil my Summer Project Bingo Card!

I’ve filled my bingo card with projects I really want to finish, along with a few I really need to finish (like gifts and class samples with deadlines attached). For each “BINGO” I finish, I’ll give myself a little reward. And when I finish the whole card, I’ll give myself a bigger reward. My goal is to get the whole card done by September 1, but even if that doesn’t happen, I’ll still reward myself when I finish. 

I’ll be posting my progress and projects on Instagram and do some blog write-ups of the projects as I finish them.

Want to join me? 

You can download a PDF of my bingo card or you can use my Canva template to make your own. I highly recommend making your own bingo card with projects you’ve been dreaming about, but haven’t started yet (and maybe some you have started but are lingering in the UFO pile - I’ve got a few of those on my card, too). 

If you plan to post about your bingo card projects on Instagram, please tag us and use #summerprojectbingo so we can cheer you on!  

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