About Co-Create Studio

At Co-Create Studio, we believe that all humans are inherently creative, even if you haven’t tapped into it for a while. Our mission is to help people reconnect to their creativity and create a life of meaning through yoga, craft, and community engagement. Co-Create Studio offers in-person and virtual events including yoga classes, craft classes of all kinds, and personal and community development programming. Currently, we partner with local businesses and organizations to provide in-person programming while we search for our perfect space in the Michigan Lakeshore area. Co-Create also offers a small range of products including DIY craft kits and other goods designed by co-owners AJ and Han, which they sell online and at select craft markets and local festivals. Co-owners AJ & Han are available for private or group workshops, consulting, and collaboration. 

Interested in working with us? Send us a message on our contact page or email us at hello@cocreatestudiomi.com

Meet AJ

AJ Young (he/they) is a life-long crafter and community builder. AJ’s teaching experience runs from textiles & fiber art, to general crafting, to the university classroom. He has been crafting since he was very young, but started knitting seriously in 2014 while working on his dissertation. That led to taking classes in quilting and bag-making and he was hooked. AJ dabbles in pretty much anything with fiber or textiles - dyeing, weaving, crochet, etc. - but also has a longstanding love for printmaking & mixed media, especially when fabric is involved. 

Outside of crafting, AJ works in academic support at the university level. He has a PhD in Sociology from Temple University in Philadelphia and undergraduate and master's degrees from American University in Washington, DC. He has spend the last 15+ years in higher education administration working in diversity, equity & inclusion, academic advising, first year experience and orientation, community engagement and service-learning, and assessment and evaluation. He also taught for many years in Sociology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. AJ is also a Certified Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute.  


Meet Han

Han Meadway (he/him) is a registered yoga and meditation teacher who loves bringing creativity and play into physical movement practices. He deeply believes all yoga classes can- and should- be accessible, approachable, and inclusive. He offers classes that connect movement, balance, and breath with play and whole-heartedness. Han is also an avid knitter, spinner, and fiber artist. His grandmother taught him to knit as a kid, but he started knitting consistently almost 20 years ago and loves sharing tips and tricks with knitters of all abilities. 

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Han has served in the nonprofit sector for more than a decade in a variety of leadership, management, board, and direct service roles. As a fundraising and nonprofit professional he deeply believes that philanthropy and community engagement are for everybody and have the power to positively change the world. Han holds a J.D. from Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law, a Master’s of Social Service (M.S.W.-equivalent) from Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work, and B.A. from Smith College (Massachusetts). Outside of yoga and work, Han spends time hiking and running around in nature as often as possible.

Come create with us!

Whether you're local to the lakeshore or across the world, we invite you to come create with us.