Lectures and Workshops

AJ and Han are available for a variety of lectures and workshops, including quilt guild presentations, private parties, team building, and organizational development. 

Interested in booking AJ or Han for your organization or event? Send us an email at hello@cocreatestudiomi.com or fill out the form on our contact page to start a conversation!

Quilting and Crafting 

How many ways can you quilt as you go?

presenter: AJ Young

Do you love making quilt tops, but your projects stall when you get to the actual quilting? Quilting large quilts on a domestic machine can be a big project (and a big pain!). Quilt As You Go (QAYG) is a great technique for making the quilting part of quilts easier, quicker, and more fun!

This lecture and demonstration covers the benefits and challenges of QAYG, many different ways to quilt as you go, and ideas for projects that work well with each QAYG technique. 

Quilts guilds have the option to add on a QAYG workshop to accompany the lecture and demonstration. 


Quilting Beyond Quilts

presenter: AJ Young

Take your quilting skills beyond the quilt with this lecture and trunk show. AJ will present ideas for using traditionally quilted panels in a variety of projects, as well as using non-traditional materials to make quilts and quilt blocks. As we move through each project idea, we'll talk about sustainability and upcycling, how to work with non-traditional materials, and engaging your community in collaborative projects for innovative quilting bees!


Quilting for Well-Being

presenter: AJ Young

As quilters we all know that quilting is good for our well-being, but do you know the science behind how quilting impacts our brains and bodies to make us healthier and happier?

Quilting for Well-Being is an engaging tour through the many ways quilting supports physical, mental, and emotional wellness. AJ presents the scientific basis for why quilting is so good for us in a way that is understandable for non-scientists. This program also includes tips and suggestions to maximize the benefits of quilting for our minds and bodies. 


Stitching Our Histories

presenter: AJ Young

Quilters have always played a role in preserving the past and reconstructing histories both personal and communal. In this lecture, AJ will give a brief overview of how quilts and quilters have engaged personal and social histories in the US, before sharing quilts from his own "document quilts" series exploring the role of public policy on the LGBTQ+ rights movement. 

The program ends with techniques for incorporating documents and other historical materials (personal or social) into your own quilts.  

Quilts guilds have the option to add on a Stitching Our Histories workshop to accompany the lecture and quilt show. 

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